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Our clients and their families, nurses, physicians and hospital administrators – these are the people we work with every day and whose lives have been brightened by our home health care and senior care providers. They’ve found our enthusiasm and dedication to improving the quality of life for the people whose care we are entrusted with inspiring. And we believe you will, too, once you get to know us.

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I’d like to thank you again for reaching out to the family and me. As you know E.H. was in the care of Arnold and he couldn’t have been in better hands.

Arnold quickly became an indispensable part of E.H.’s life. As E.H. contemplated the ramifications of becoming a full-time oxygen patient he clearly feared that life as he had known it had come to an end. He was forced to accept retirement from Twentieth-Century Fox and leave the work that he loved so dearly.

His personal embarrassment over the oxygen left him reluctant to leave his home. But he had no choice. Doctor visits and the other needs of life forced him out and Arnold was there to chauffeur E.H. around in luxury. Arnold had such an easy style and personality that he could gently nudge E.H. in the right direction. Arnold also knew just when to back off and give E.H. the space that he needed to feel independent.

Arnold easily adapted to E.H.’s schedule and pace. You see E.H. didn’t adapt to change very well. Arnold knew that change had to be slow and incremental. But those changes made all of the difference in E.H.’s life. The plants in E.H.’s home began to bloom along with E.H. Medications, in-home therapies and doctor’s appointments where never missed.

E.H.’s friends at the studio had urged him to return for luncheons and Arnold gave him the confidence to believe that he could. Thursday studio lunches along with my Sunday brunches became highlights of E.H.’s life. Life as he had known it had changed—for the better. And so did E.H.’s outlook on life.

Arnold was with E.H. for five years and his care and companionship helped to make those years among the happiest of E.H.’s life.

Arnold was also by my side at E.H.’s bedside until the end. He never wavered in his devotion to his patient and that extended to his devotion to E.H.’s friends. Arnold will be missed as much as E.H. I truly believe that angels walk this earth offering a helping hand to those in need. Arnold is one of those angels.

I wish him the best of luck with AAA T.L.C. Healthcare, Inc. and I hope that you’ll recognize what a treasure you have in a resource like Arnold.


R. R.


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