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AAA T.L.C. has proudly cared for over 20,000 clients since it was founded over 25 years ago. During this time, we have had many satisfied clients, physicians, and hospital administrators who have depended on us. We've worked tirelessly to become the most respected home care agency in Southern California. You can become one of our many satisfied clients too. Call us for your FREE consultation or FREE assessment.

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"The amazing staff were such a big part in providing the unparalleled comfort, skill and loving support to my husband in his last days. We of course thank AAA TLC for making this happen. I truly don't know what we would have done, neither my husband or I had of what to expect. Each caregiver brought their whole heart, skill and love to him each and every day."

- J.Z.

We want to thank AAA T.L.C. for providing the best care for our aunt. Your recommendation of Ana was a godsend to us and to our aunt. She is the kindest person I've met and I know her presence was a great comfort to aunt D! We only wished we had found her sooner!

- L.M. & S.M.


All of your people are wonderful, great and very caring. My mom is particularly happy with Rose as she has just the right personality for her. She also loves her night caregivers as well. Excellent service and excellent agency!

- R.S.


respite care

"I have used your company many times for my post-op caregiver needs. Jeanette, by far, is the best caregiver. She is kind, compassionate, intuitive, and always anticipates the needs of her patients. She routinely goes above and beyond what is expected of her, without placing herself at unnecessary risk, to make sure her patients are comfortable and recovers in the most optimal fashion."

- I.S

"My family will be eternally grateful to your organization and in particular my wife's caregivers for the care they have provided. It was always professional but at the same time it was always with loving tenderness, respect and dignity. Thank you!"
- D.Y.

"My aunt's doctor said, "If any family wants to see your aunt, they should come very soon, within a month, before it's too late." Shortly thereafter, Ana became my aunt's caregiver. Under Ana's extraordinary care, today, 3 years later, my aunt is doing well and going strong! Thank you, Ana!"

- K.C

memory care

"Terry was the main caregiver for our mother from May 2005 to August 2011. We would describe her as nothing less than a miracle worker, a truly amazing person with a very, very special gift of compassion and life giving affirmation that literally granted our mother many extra years of activity and happiness that no one believed she would ever have again. Terry nursed our mom back to life and coaxed her to return from the bedridden, dependent state she had fallen into after cancer surgery and treatment had left her close to death. She decided that our Mom would have life again, she went far and beyond the call of duty to make that improbability a reality. We are forever indebted to Terry for the beautiful, selfless relationship she created with our mom, how they became more than a patient/caregiver but devoted friends with a deep spiritual bond."

- K. Family

"For anyone considering hiring an aid for a loved one or a friend, call Jody, because she puts her heart and soul into it. It’s not even like a business. She doesn’t do it for the money. She does it out of the love and compassion she has for people. I can highly recommend Jody and AAA T.L.C."

- S.B.

"Our caregiver is wonderful and knows all that needs to be done. He has taken really good care of my son. The staff has been extremely helpful and great. I am very satisfied with your services!"

- C.Z

Cancer Care

"What AAA T.L.C. has done for my husband has been miraculous. Their compassion, generosity and excellent nurses have played a major role in his surviving 30 years with A.L.S… Lou Gehrig’s Disease. That’s way past the usual lifespan of three to five years. By giving him the specialized care he needs to keep him healthy, by enabling him to take outings to his favorite places, by just being there for him with such expertise and love, my husband’s nurses have provided a quality of life for both of us that we never dreamed would be possible."

- C.T.

"I found a goldmine in Rhea. She is a well-organized person and keeps me on schedule. I feel she is a very honest person and can be trusted. She is nice to have around."

- L.S.

"Both Ernie and Nancy had that special ingredient – TLC. They were knowledgeable, honest, diligent, kind – just excellent, stellar caregivers."

- K.L.

Sally is the most wonderful care provider that anyone could ever have. She has heart, just like your Agency, Jody. When I needed her 7 days, she did it.  When I needed her at night, she did the nights as well as the days. She is a wonderful, kind, extremely, and I mean extremely, great caregiver and nurse.  She is even great with dogs and has her own German Shepherd. She knows how to run a home.  She is a gourmet cook, and a gourmet person on decorations, table settings, presenting a fabulous dinner for my family or friends. She is a person that one would always want around.  She is everything anyone would want to have in their life.  She was marvelous. You really have a great crew of nurses and caregivers and she is definitely at the top of the chart, would rate this woman a 50 if 10 was the highest. Unbelievably great. Thanks so much for giving her to me. She saved my life on more than one occasion.

- M.S.

I couldn’t believe I would have a nurse who was as attentive and caring as Kristie.  She’s wonderful

- R.M.

Dear Jody,

Thank you for all of your love, support, kindness, and immense generosity throughout the years, and for the wonderful care that you, your agency, and your nurses gave to Ismail. Because of you, Ismail lived a long, full, and happy life. That meant the world to me.

With all my love and gratitude.

- C.T.

AAA T.L.C. Client: Susan B.
AAA T.L.C. Client: Richard
AAA T.L.C. Client: Cheryl T.
AAA T.L.C. Client: Hank U.
AAA T.L.C. Client: Dr. Ronald Ziman
AAA T.L.C. Client: Jen Zeltser
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AAA T.L.C. Caregiver: Cherie

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