Your Single Source for Specialty Health Care

Your Single Source for Specialty Health Care

Dedicated Specialty Health Care

Let AAA T.L.C. offer you the exceptional service that has established our reputation. We accept long-term care insurance, Workers’ Comp insurance, and some medical insurance. Call us today for your FREE consultation to discuss what type of specialty care will best meet your needs.

You will benefit from our expertise working with:
  • Alzheimer’s and dementia patients: Caregivers who understand the challenges of confusion and memory loss
  • Diabetes: Caregivers with an awareness of the need to monitor both diet and exercise
  • Parkinson’s Disease, MS (and other neurological disorders): Caregivers capable of   providing specialty services (e.g., massages) to maximize function
  • ALS: Caregivers skilled in working with ventilators, g-tubes, and tracheotomies
  • Orthopedics: Caregivers able to incorporate therapeutic exercises into the care regimen
  • Spinal Cord injuries: Caregivers with expertise in caring for individuals with significant   mobility limitations
  • Brain injuries: Caregivers with an understanding of how to care for people with impaired  cognition and processing limitations
  • Kidney disease: Caregivers experienced in working with individuals on Dialysis and/or who have dietary restrictions
  • Stroke: Caregivers capable of helping exercise people receiving therapy services
  • Congestive heart failure: Caregivers who understand dietary needs and the importance of  monitoring individual’s weight
  • Transplant patients: Caregivers trained in the specific needs for medication management.
Home Care Provider

Respected Home Care Provider

Don’t entrust your specialty care needs to just anyone. We are the “go-to” provider for many doctors and hospitals in the area with expertise in:
  • Physical therapy – driving to and from appointments and motivating and supporting home exercise programs prescribed by physicians and therapist.
  • Geriatric care – allows you to stay in your own home to feel more comfortable and secure with your surroundings, and support daily schedules including medical appointments as well as social gatherings
  •  Post-surgical care – provide all necessary after-care to hasten your recovery time and resume your normal activities as quickly as possible
  • Hospice and Palliative care – avoid infections, keeping you as comfortable as possible, and providing comfort and compassion to all involved during this difficult time
  • Respite care – allows you to take the guilt-free rest and relaxation time you need as taking care of a loved one who is ill or elderly is very stressful and demanding. 

Physical Therapy
AAA T.L.C. works with those living with a wide range of medical conditions to assist with all appropriate dietary and exercise regimens and provide gentle motivation to optimize the outcome. Going out and experiencing what life has to offer is encouraged, while, at the same time, remaining sensitive to cognitive and processing challenges. Our caregivers understand the importance of speaking slowly and clearly and are not frustrated when asked to repeat phrases. Our caregivers work with physicians and therapists to engage exercises that help with rehabilitation from various illness (e.g., Neurological or Orthopedic injuries).

Our 24/7/365 services are available at a moment’s notice.

Specialty Health Care
"Just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you so much! A.W. was great and I don’t know what I would have done without her. She was so sweet, gentle and she knew exactly what to do to make me feel better. Because I am in a different country with no friends or family close by, it was a bit scary, but she made it feel a little like home. Please send my deepest gratitude. Thanks again."
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