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The AAA T.L.C.

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Serving you and your loved ones for over 25 years

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How AAA T.L.C. Became a Much-Needed Solution

Jody Sherman was confused and frightened when her 80 year old parents were both in need of help while facing devastating illnesses. Jody interviewed multiple home care agencies in the area, but they did not offer the competent, critical, and compassionate care she believed that her parents deserved and required. Thanks to AAA T.L.C., you don't have to feel as concerned as Jody once did. Call 844-422-2852 to see how we can help and receive a FREE consultation or assessment.

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Words cannot describe what I think of your great Agency, AAA T.L.C. You are outstanding and the best. Always there for us, always caring. Helping us in the most caring way. Thanks so much for your team of experienced knowledgeable people.

- B.G.

Someone in the form of Angel dropped from the sky falling into my room. She announced she was there to work from AAA TLC Health Care, Inc. Something in her voice gave me a wave of peace immediately, and it was just what I needed for I was going home.

- L.R.

Jody was already a successful businesswoman, so she decided to take upon the task of finding experienced in-home caregivers herself. Over time, she built up a staff of experienced long-term caregivers who enabled her mother and father to comfortably live out the rest of their years in their own home as they wished.

Local physicians and hospital administrators were so impressed by the quality of care provided by these care providers, they asked Jody to find caregivers and nurses for their own patients who were also in need of assistance and care at home. This led to the official creation of AAA T.L.C.

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